About Très Lashique

Très Lashique is a magnetic lash brand that flips the script for the benefit and betterment of Natural Beauty Assets. Simply put, we’re in the business of protecting and preserving those God-given elements you’ve been naturally blessed with. Above all else, we're heavy on self-love (with or without enhancements).

Registered nurse, self-care advocate and owner of Très Lashique, Stephanie Jones-Price is a lash enthusiast well-acquainted with the nuisances, annoyances and shortfalls of traditional lash enhancements. And these shortcomings only grew to be that much more evident during the pandemic.

Stephanie, along with former brand contributor Erin, then began exploring safer, easier and gentler lash enhancing alternatives. But, as you might expect, these lash-loving ladies came up empty handed. Conceived out of frustration and meticulously perfected, Très Lashique magnetic lash products are intended to give natural lashes what we’ve dubbed a ‘lash glue vacay’. We’re willing to bet you’ve never heard of lash extensions that actually prevent damage and protect the lashes you were born with. But, as they say, dreams do come true.

Our magnetic lash enhancements are subtle, safe and designed to level up your lash game all while protecting natural lash hairs with maximum lash protection.Though no longer with the brand, Erin’s involvement in the initial stages of development will be forever appreciated.

These days, Stephanie is the one spearheading and managing the entire operation here at Très Lashique. With her sights set on the future, she’s determined to have a lasting impact on the trajectory of today’s fast-growing beauty industry.

We’re on a mission to prove you can look your best flaunting longer, fuller and thicker natural-looking lashes without posing any damage to your Natural Beauty Assets. Natural lash preservation is our passion, our purpose, our raison d'être. A magnetic lash company that hopes to set an example, Très Lashique offers consumers a curated selection of magnetic lash enhancers designed to reinforce natural beauty, never disguise it.

Our magnetic lash extensions help reduce the occurrence of lash fallout, thinning and traction alopecia linked to the use of damaging enhancement methods. They’re comfortable, lightweight, easy to apply and even easier to cleanly remove from eyelids. No soaking, rubbing or scrubbing required.

We endeavor to ensure every Très Lashique customer is thoroughly educated and empowered. Now’s your chance to free yourself from the glue, gunk and goo. We’re giving you the green light to fearlessly lash out as much or as little as you’d like. Protective beauty enhancements that stay on course no matter the season, our magnetic lashes gently enhance appearances without altering your entire born-like-this good looks. Never flashy or overdone, Très Lashique lash enhancements subtly elevate the nuances of natural beauty to accentuate a woman’s NBAs. Maintain those God-given beauties with protective lash enhancements that dare to break all the rules.





The Ladies Behind the Lashes

Très Lashique Co-Founder Stephanie Jones-Price

Stephanie Jones-Price, CEO & Co-Founder

Stephanie Jones-Price is a multifaceted wife, mom, bachelor degree prepared registered nurse, influencer and lash aficionado who prides herself on being a loyal friend, devoted wife, compassionate professional, fierce advocate for the downtrodden and faithful disciple of Jesus Christ. A woman who confidently embraces and embodies black girl magic every waking moment of every day, she is a firm believer in the power of manifestation and intention. Having lost 97 lbs while working a full-time job and simultaneously attending college courses to earn a nursing degree in her late 30’s, Stephanie has always followed her instincts led by prayer, tenacious perseverance and plenty of personal moxie. When COVID suddenly halted global economies and overwhelmed hospitals coast to coast, she seized upon the opportunity to help her local lash artist ride out the pandemic. Her clinical expertise and passion for serving others have equally proven valuable during the design and development of Très Lashique magnetic lashes, applicators and supplies.

Très Lashique Co-Founder Erin Branche

Erin Branche, President & Co-Founder

Erin is a lifestyle expert and serial entrepreneur who has merged her background in luxury hospitality with her passion for makeup into multiple successful lash & beauty brands. Erin graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2006 with a B.A. in Communications, holds a Post-Graduate diploma in Hotel & Restaurant Management from École hôtelière de Lausanne and she recently completed the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program. Erin is a licensed esthetician and a graduate of the Esthiology Program at the Jean Madeline Institute (Philadelphia). Erin is active in her community and is passionate about the arts and serves on the Executive Board of the Young Friends of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

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