Can magnetic lashes damage your eyes?

Are magnetic lashes safe for eyes and surrounding areas? They sure are! In fact, magnetic eyelashes and magnetic liner are safer and gentler on natural eyelashes when compared to traditional lash enhancement tools and techniques. It's true. When used properly, magnetic lashes are considered safer than threaded or glue-on lash extensions for those with sensitive eyes, contact wearers, chemo patients and others looking for a less harmful lash enhancement alternative.


One reason why magnetic lashes and magnetic eyeliner are safe to use is due to their ability to adhere without glue. Often times lash glues are bogged down by all sorts of toxic substances and synthetic ingredients proven to be harmful. Yuck! Containing tiny magnets that “stick” to magnetic lash strips, our nontoxic magnetic lash liner provides steadfast adhesion without the need for adhesive. FDAapproved, these small non-irritating iron oxide particles are little enough to not cause any significant health risks to the eyes or face. A more hygienic choice for enhancing your look with fuller, longer and more natural looking lashes, magnetic eyelash extensions are a prime choice for women who wear contacts and those with eye sensitivities.


Another reason why magnetic eyelashes are considered safe and gentle on the eyes is because they don't ever come in direct contact with your natural lashes. You don't even have to have natural lashes of your own to rock magnetic lashes! This is because magnetic lashes adhere to the skin along your lash line rather than to your natural lashes. This unique feature is especially beneficial for those coping with hair loss due to Alopecia and cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. (It's important to note that magnetic lashes should NOT be worn during MRI procedures or x-rays.)


Removing glued on lashes and their remaining residue usually requires some great deal of effort. Stop all the rubbing, scrubbing, picking and painful peeling. Smarten up your beauty routine with magnetic lashes! Unlike glue lashes, magnetized eyelash extensions are super easy and pain-free to remove. Safely, quickly and easily remove your reusable magnetic eyelashes by simply plucking them from the magnetic eyeliner applied to your lids. No pinching. No pain. No crusty crud to wipe clean. No harm done.

We are constantly asked “are magnetic lashes dangerous” and “can magnetic lashes damage your eyes?” The short answer to both of these questions is absolutely not. The safety and cleanliness of magnetic eyelashes makes them unanimously bar none the better option for lash enhancement. Not to mention, they're so much easier to apply in a hurry. You no longer need to fuss with runny glues that take too long to dry, cause bacteria to build up and leave behind a flaky mess to deal with. If safety, hygiene and convenience are of any concern, there is only one choice. Magnetic lashes applied using magnetic eyeliner are the safer, more efficient and more hygienic way to go for irritation-free wear and painless removals.